2019 September 25



SEPTEMBER 25, 2019

This meeting was called order at 7:05 p.m. by President Janet Crane. Introduction of 2019-2020 board.

Principal’s Report (Chris Waack)– Had opening assembly with grades K-5. Conducted an emergency drill; will continue to do one fire drill a month moving forward. Student pictures happened this week (Tuesday and Wednesday).

New television is up. Theresa Madden will host the bulletin board committee.

Friday is first outdoor movie night to kick off 2019-2020.

Halloween will be different this year. Students will come to school in their costumes. The parade will be at 9:30 a.m. The parties will be at 10/10:15 a.m. / 5th grade will still have access to the all-purpose room. An all-school cultural arts assembly will be held in the afternoon. A memo has been drafted and will be circulated to families shortly.

Teacher’s Report (Mrs. O’Donnell and Mrs. Petersen) – Thanking the PTA for the back to school donations. Ms. D. connected with the JETS, and we can highlight the upstander award winners on the television screen.

A request was made to start translating forms into multiple languages to communicate with our broader community base.

Membership Report (Laura Jasinski) – Kathy Hohman is our new membership chair. A full report will be provided in October 2019.

Treasurers’ Report & News (Mike Wilson) - Requested two (non-board member) parents to review last books (2018-2019).

Review of proposed operating budget; however, after the open discussion it was decided the 2019- 2020 budget vote will be postponed until the October 23rd meeting. The revised budget will include a reserve funds (i.e., things that we always have to account for during the year), capital expense fund and line items for the legal settlement.

Open discussion covered the idea of a ‘large purchase’ with the funds in reserve (e.g., shed for PTA storage; sound system; renting a storage unit; stem, art or music center).

Online payments and use of Square will kick off shortly. Online payments started for ice cream and will continue with other items throughout the year.

Committee Reports

Movie Night (Janet Crane) – All set for September 26th. Aladdin was selected as the movie.

5th Grade Activities (April Homcy) – Off to a good start with ice cream. Looking to do a community service program. Also have a Krispy Kreme sale lined up, poinsettias sale and a legacy gift

Dine to Donate (Janet Crane) Sandi Harmon is the new committee chair. The next event is Fuddruckers on October 5th.

Box Tops (Janet Crane) Please continue to send in your box tops. We need to establish a goal to work for (e.g., gaga pit) for the box top collection as it’s not by class anymore.

Also, need to further promote Amazon Smile.

New Business

VOTE: Ned Stroh was nominated for the role of 2nd Vice President for a two-year term (2019-2021)

by Mike Wilson. Dorothy Novitskie seconded the nomination. 14 people approved the vote.

Oktoberfest is scheduled for Friday, October 4th at the Rainbow Lakes Community Club – adults only.

Two water filling stations were purchased by PTA. Water bottles will no longer be handed out on PTA lunch days.

The TV display screen was purchased by the PTA. More details to come from Mike Wilson and Theresa Herzog on submitting slides/fundraising ideas.

VOTE: Bylaws are due for renewal. Last year we voted on the increase of membership fees and the staggering of board position. 14 people approved.

Bully-free shirts – Notices will be going through for new orders. Monthly Calendar – A request to distribute printed copies.

Next meeting October 23rd at 7pm. The meeting is closed at 8:38 p.m.