2020 January 29

Intervale PTA General Meeting – Media Center January 29, 2020

Call to order: Meeting was called to order at 7:06 p.m. by President Janet Crane. There were no formal meetings in November and December 2019 as hosting these meetings at International Night and 2019 Holiday Shop; therefore, no general meeting minutes to approve.

Of note, all other meeting minutes are posted to the Intervale PTA website. Principal’s Report / Teacher’s Report: No teacher report at this meeting.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasure Mike Wilson shared a budget update (July 1, 2019 – January 29, 2020). Profit and loss sheet attached for reference. Current balance is estimated $26,000.

School play will be funded by a separate bank account run by Mr. Valleau. Vote on school improvement purchases:

  • ✓ Picnic tables (six) for the courtyard – total purchase cost $4,200.00. A motion was raised to purchase six picnic tables by Mike Wilson. Tom Tufaro seconded the motion. 12 votes supported this motion; motion passes.

  • ✓ Bench – total purchase cost $716.00. A motion was raised to Nicole Romaine. Tom Tufaro. 12 votes supported this motion; motion passes.

  • Portable Gaga Pit court – total purchase cost $4,150.00 / $380 shipping. This item will be voted on when Mr. Waack is in attendance.

  • Committee Reports:

  • Color Run – Want ad for a younger parent to help lead the color run starting next year. The planning committee is establishing a clear fundraising goal for this year’s Color Run. No prices will be raised for the 2020 event. May 1st is the current date/May 8th is the rain date.

  • 5th Grade Activities – Raising funds to give back to the school. The idea is cork strips for the gym. Krispy Kreme fundraising will happen in February/March.

  • o Additional5thgradeactivitiesincludeanetiquetteclass. o ServiceprojectwillbepartofKkids/kindnessrocks.

  • Cultural Arts – Lee Harper will be visiting on March 31st for a cultural arts assembly.

  • Winter Clubs – Winter Clubs are underway. Had to cancel dance clubs last week due to lack of

  • volunteer. Need to push for more volunteers.

  • Science Fair Review – Science Fair was held on January 25th – everything went well. Materials left over for next year. Thank you notes for judges.

  • Sweetheart Dance -Scheduled for February 7th. The sign-up genius for dessert.

Upcoming Events:

  • February 3-6: Dine to Donate at Thatcher McGhee’s in Denville

  • February 7: Sweetheart Dance at 6:30

  • February 26: PTA Meeting at 7:00

  • February 28: Unplug the Night for 5th Graders

  • March 11: Krispy Kreme donut pickup