2020 November 11

PTA General Meeting

November 11, 2020 - Virtual

Meeting was called to order at 7:03pm by President Janet Crane.

Principal's Report (Janet Crane) - Welcome and agenda review.

Teacher's Report (Mrs. Petersen) - Held a student council meeting with only 5th graders. Elections will be held in November. Will hold school spirit days.

Thank you to the PTA for the grant process, appreciated from all teachers.

Lastly, parent/teacher conferences will be held in November.

Treasurer's Report (Mike Wilson) - As of November 11, 2020, our income was $3170.26 and our expenses were $1344.

Committee Reports (All) -

Book fair will kick off November 16th and run until November 29th. Mrs. Piccoline will hold a virtual reading night.

The PTA is still accepting Membership forms. Please contact Kathy Hohman with any questions.

The PTA will be hosting monthly dine to donates, including Chipotle and Panera (December 2nd).

The 5th grade car wash was a big success bringing in $802 in sales and $180 in apparel sales.

Virtual Game Night and Virtual International Night are both currently in the planning phase - more to come on these activities.

Apparel orders submitted and will be available for pick up this month.

Fifth grade committee activities are underway and will continue with several fundraisers and upcoming community service events.

The teacher grant process is now open and still accepting applications.

Election (All):

Joelle Rosetti was named President

Mike Wilson made a motion, with Ned Stroh seconding the motion. All approved.

Alana Acosta-Lahullier was named Treasurer

Dorothy Novitksie made a motion, with Mike Wilson seconding the motion. All approved.

Shannon Cevasco was named Recording Secretary

Dorothy Novitskie made a motion, with Mike Wilson seconding the motion. All approved.

Lauren Hansch was named Corresponding Secretary

Sarah McIntosh made a motion, with Tom Tufaro seconding the motion. All approved.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:22pm.