The Intervale School Parent Teacher Association would like to welcome you to the craziest beginning of school ever! Normally, we would state that we plan to provide our kids with activities, events, field trips and programs all sponsored by the PTA; however, we truly don't know what this year will look like. We know that we will not be able to hold the amount of fundraisers and events that we have in the past - at least right away. But we still would like to encourage our parents to support the PTA by becoming members. When the time allows and you want to volunteer and be able to help in person at events, becoming a member will allow you to do so.

Membership is simple and in NO WAY commits you to volunteering and/or requires you to attend any meetings. It does, however, help fund and support many school initiatives and needs. It allows you to volunteer when you are ready! And it allows you voting privileges at PTA meetings. Your child and our school benefits when you join the PTA.

Thank you for supporting the school and PTA!